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Please continue to check our website for any updates.

Safety Information available. Please check out the links below:

Aqui hay informacion sobre seguridad del agua. Los videos estan en ingles pero la informacion de algunos volantes esta en espanol:

Child Swimming

Drowning Statistics and Information Image Parent Water Safety Guide Image
Drowning Statistics and Information Parent Water Safety Guide WHALE Tales Resources (American RedCross
Training Services)
Danger Rangers Water Safety Image Water Watcher Coloring Sheet Image SAI Safety Concepts Coloring Sheet Image
Danger Rangers Water Safety
and Coloring Sheet
Water Watcher Coloring Sheet SAI Safety Concepts Coloring Sheet

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Canby Gators

Canby Gators is available year round;
check out the Canby Gators
website at

Swim Passes

Give the Gift of a Swim Pass or Gift Certificate to your favorite child or adult. Gift Certificates

In addition to recreational swim times, there are numerous programs such as water exercise classes and adult/senior activities. The pool is also available to rent for parties.
Check the Swim Center Schedule 

Contact Information

Swim Center Staff
Eric Laitinen
Aquatic Program Manager
Nathan Templeman
Facility Operator
Swim Center Building  
1150 S Ivy Street
PO Box 930
Canby, Oregon 97013
Phone: 503-266-2761
Fax: 503-266-6239

Swim Center Benefits

Ensures a Full and Meaningful Life;
Helps to Manage Stress In One's Life In Today's Busy and Demanding World;
Provides the Framework to Improve a Person's Self Esteem and Positive Self Image;
Helps Balance Lives, Assists Participants to Achieve Their Full Potential and Gain Life Satisfaction; 
Enhances Children's Play Which is Essential to the Human Development Process;
Helps Youth Make Positive Lifestyle Choices and Offers Alternatives to Self Destructive Behavior.
Offers Structured Activities and Programs;
Provides Social Opportunities That Help Reduce Alienation, Loneliness and Antisocial Behavior;
Promotes Ethnic and Cultural Harmony;
Builds Strong Families, the Foundation for a Vital Community;
Provides Opportunities for Community Involvement, and Shared Management and Ownership of Resources;
Ensures the Leisure Services are Accessible to Everyone;
Enriches and Complements Other Services for Youth Through After School and Other Recreational Services;
Promotes a Healthy and Productive Work Force;
Can Motivate and Attract Business Relocation and Expansion in the Community;
Reduces the Level of Vandalism and Criminal Activity and Their Associated High Cost;
Catalyst for Tourism;
Investments in the Environment Through the Provision of Parks and Open Spaces Pay for Themselves By Maintaining Ecological Balance in an Urbanizing Setting;
Enhances Property Values.
Maintains Green Space to Help Filter and Reduce Run Off From Developed Areas;
Helps to Protect Natural/Historical Features of the Natural Landscape;
Provide Habitat For Wildlife and Flora Species;
Can Help to Reduce Travel Time and Offset the Effects of Pollution
  Last update: July 23, 2020

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