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Public Utility Workers are responsible for streets and
the sewer collection system
  1470 NE Territorial Road
PO Box 930
Canby, OR 97013
Canby Public Works Design Standards
* 2020 Design Standard Details
CWS Low Impact Development (LID)
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Stormwater Master Plan
* Existing Stormwater System Map (8.32 MB)
* Education Information for Stormwater Management
Sewer And Street Maintenance Fees: The Finance Department's Utility Billing Clerk provides billing and collections for the City sewer service and street maintenance fee. Utility bills are mailed out on the last business day of the month and are due by 15th of the following month.

Problems: For sewer problems contact the Public Works department at 503-266-0798. Often sewer problems are an obstruction in the sewer lateral. The city can clean the main line, which may eliminate the problem.

Streets: City Streets are maintained by the Public Works Department. Call 503-266-0798 to report problems.

Sweeping schedules: The city sweeps all curbed public streets once a month Tuesday through Friday.
1st week:
NW Section of town is swept
2nd week:
SW Section of town is swept
3rd week:
NE Section of town is swept
4th week:
SE Section of town is swept

Vehicles should be moved off the street in the scheduled area to insure best results.

Street lights: Problems with streetlights should be reported to the City at 503-266-0798. Have an accurate location of the problem light.

Utility Personnel
Leadman Jerry Nelzen 503-266-0759
Utility Maintenance Worker Christopher Goetz  
Utility Maintenance Worker Christopher Wright  
Utility Maintenance Worker Laurence Calcagno  
Utility Maintenance Worker Neil Olsen  
Utility Maintenance Worker Spencer Polack 503-266-0780
Utility Maintenance Worker Tristan Holechek  
Office Specialist Ronda Rozzell


Questions about your Utility Bill?
Contact the Utilty Billing Department

Last update: April 16, 2021