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Transient Room Tax


How to Register a Transient Lodging Facility


The Canby City Council adopted Canby Municipal Code Chapter 3.50 Transient Room Tax with a 6% Transient Room Tax to be effective July 1, 2018. The tax proceeds will be dedicated to promoting and developing tourism in Canby.

Proceeds from the transient room tax will fund tourism programs that promote community events and attractions and supports the development of new tourism assets and attractions.

Transient Room Taxes (also referred to as Hotel taxes) are collected in over 90 cities in Oregon. Clackamas County (6%) and the State of Oregon (1.8%) also have a Transient Lodging Tax to fund tourism development and promotion.


What is a Transient Lodging Facility?

Transient Lodging Facility means any structure, or any portion of any structure, which is occupied or intended or designed for transient occupancy, for thirty (30) days or less, for dwelling, lodging, or sleeping purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, any hotel, motel, inn, Airbnb, Home Away or similar services, bed and breakfast, space in campgrounds, mobile home or trailer parks, tourist home, condominium, hostel, studio hotel, lodging house, rooming house, apartment house, public or private dormitory, fraternity, sorority, public or private club, or similar structure or portions thereof so occupied.

Who must pay the tax?

Anyone staying overnight in any hotel, motel, short-term rental, campsite, or overnight lodging of any kind with the following exemptions.

Who is exempt from the tax?

  • Any person lodging for more than thirty (30) successive calendar days; (a person who pays for lodging on a monthly basis, irrespective of the number of days in such month is a tenant, and shall not be deemed a transient);
  • Any person whose rent is of a value less than $15 per day;
  • Any person who rents a private home, vacation cabin, or like facility from any owner who personally rents such facilities incidentally to his own use thereof;
  • Any occupant whose rent is paid for a hospital room or to a medical clinic, convalescent home or home for aged people; or
  • Employees, officials or agents of the U. S. Government occupying a  transient lodging facility in the course of official business.

How is the tax collected?

Each operator shall collect the tax at the same time as the rent is collected from every

How are the taxes used?

70% of the funds generated through the tax must be dedicated directly toward tourism attraction and event promotion and developing and enhancing tourism assets. This includes supporting agritourism, heritage, or recreation development that would attract tourists. The remaining 30% of the funds will support tourism through tourism infrastructure or public works and police involvement at events, etc.

Who benefits from the tax?

As the tourism industry develops, Canby tourism attractions, events, local restaurants and shops benefit from increased spending by visitors to Canby. This Transient Room tax will be dedicated to supporting, promoting and developing tourism in Canby. Organizations like Travel Oregon and Oregon's Mt. Hood Territory are funded by state and county hotel taxes.

The tourism program will be managed by the Canby Economic Development Department. For an overview of Canby’s many tourism attractions see For additional information about the tourism program please contact Jamie Stickel at or at 503-266-0701.


Contact information:

Phone: 503-266-4021 Email:
Canby Tourism Program Manager: Jamie Stickel, 503-266-0687 or
Canby Finance Director: Julie Blums 503-266-0725 or

Last update: June 28, 2018