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Northeast Neighborhood Association


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The Purpose of the Northeast Canby Neighborhood Association (NECNA) is:  

a) To enhance the livability of the area by establishing and maintaining an open line of Communication and liaison between the neighborhood, the City of Canby, and other participating neighborhoods.

b) To be organized for educational, social and charitable purposes

c) Nothing in these bylaws shall preclude an association from forming as a non-profit organization.

Northeast Board Members
Chairperson Paivi Panttila Vargas 503-980-8876
Vice Chairperson Kathy Shinn 503-263-6874
Secretary/Treasurer Patricia Miller 503-263-2277
Council Liaison: Trygve Berge

Northeast Neighborhood Association
The next Northeast Canby Neighborhood Association meeting will be held
at Canby United Methodist Church
1520 N Holly Street, Canby


Last update: November 3, 2019