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Zion Memorial Park Cemetery
2010 SE Township Road
Canby, OR 97013

Floral & Ground Rules are set by Resolution 931. Floral arrangements are allowed during the following holidays: Easter Sunday, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, and Christmas. Flowers can be in place for seven days preceding and seven days following the holiday. Floral arrangements are also allowed during the observance of the birthday or anniversary of death of the person buried. Items must not extend beyond the perimeter of the headstone. Permanent plantings, vigil lights and breakable objects are prohibited. For more details, click on the Cemetery Rules link below to go to Resolution 931.  
(Located on the
corner of
and Sequoia

Mailing Address:
PO Box 930
Canby, OR 97013

  Cemetery Rules (Res. 931 Exhibit "A")



Cemetery Rates as of
July 1, 2019

Cemetery Brochure
(Please note there are some names listed on headstones that are memorials and not listed in the burial database)
  Cemetery Maps
  Block E
  Block F East
  Block F West 1
  Block F West 2b
  Block H
  Block H Cremains
  Block I
  Block J
  Block K and K Baby
  Block M
  Block N
  Block O
  Block P
  Block R
  Block S
  Block T
  Block U
  Block W
  Block X
  Block Y
  Mausoleum 1
  Mausoleum 2
  Niche ABC
  Niche D
  Map of Entire Cemetery Site

Visiting Zion

Zion Memorial Park Cemetery and Mausoleum is located on South Township Road just before the intersection with Sequoia Parkway. The property covers about 20 acres, 11 of which are developed.  The older section is mostly full and now there are only infrequent burials in remaining family plots. The new section has been added to during the years with growth to the north and east. A mausoleum was dedicated in 1989.

The cemetery is more than 100 years old. It was organized by the Zion Cemetery Association in January of 1897. The first burial was that of Christian Wintermantel, the individual who originally proposed the cemetery on January 19, 1897. The Canby Evangelical United Brethren Church owned the cemetery until it became too labor-intensive to maintain, and the City accepted ownership and maintenance of Zion Memorial Cemetery in 1937. Rules and regulations were adopted on January 10, 1938 and it has remained in City hands since that time. A fire destroyed some of the paperwork and over the years, the City has reconstructed the records.

For Property Purchases Contact:
Ronda Rozzell
For Cemetery Record Inquiries Contact:

Erin Burckhard
Office Specialist

  Last update: April 6, 2021