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Position Descriptions

Classification/Job Title   Category   Department

Administrative Supervisor   Non-Represented   Police
Assistant City Administrator/HR Director   Non-Represented   Administration
Associate Planner   AFSCME   Development Services
City Administrator   Non-Represented   Administration
City Attorney   Non-Represented   Administration
City Recorder   Non-Represented   Administration
Confidential Administrative Assistant   Non-Represented   Administration
Court Services Officer   Non-Represented   Court
Deputy City Recorder   Non-Represented   Administration
Economic Development Director   Non-Represented   Economic Development
Economic Development & Tourism Coordinator   AFSCME   Economic Development
Facilities Maintenance Technician   AFSCME   Public Works
Finance Director   Non-Represented   Finance
Head Guard   AFSCME   Swim Center
Library Director   Non-Represented   Library
Library Page   Non-Represented   Library
Library Supervisor   Non-Represented   Library
Lifeguard I   AFSCME   Swim Center
Lifeguard II   AFSCME   Swim Center
Main Street Manager   Non-Represented   Economic Development
Maintenance Worker I   AFSCME   Public Works
Maintenance Worker II   AFSCME   Public Works
Maintenance Worker III   AFSCME   Public Works
Maintenance Worker Lead   AFSCME   Public Works
Maintenance Worker - Seasonal   Non-Represented   Public Works
Mechanic   AFSCME   Public Works/Fleet
Mechanic - Lead   AFSCME   Public Works/Fleet
Municipal Court Clerk I   AFSCME   Court
Municipal Court Clerk II   AFSCME   Court
Municipal Court Supervisor   Non-Represented   Court
OSI   AFSCME   As Assigned
OSI - Library Assistant I   AFSCME   Library
OSII   AFSCME   As Assigned
OSII - Administration   AFSCME   Administration
OSII - Building Permit Technician   AFSCME   Building
OSII - HR   AFSCME   Administration
OSII - Library Assistant   AFSCME   Library
OSII - Library Assistant II Bilingual   AFSCME   Library
OSII - Library Assistant Technology   AFSCME   Library
OSII - Planning/Urban Renewal   AFSCME   Planning
OSII - Police Records Specialist II   AFSCME   Police
OSII - Tech Services   AFSCME   Tech Services
OSIII - Tech Services Coordinator   AFSCME   Tech Services
OSII - Utility Billing Technician I   AFSCME   Finance
OSIII   AFSCME   As Assigned
OSIII - Payroll Techician   AFSCME   Finance
OSIII - Police Records Specialist III   AFSCME   Police
OSIII - Public Works   AFSCME   Public Works/Cemetery
OSIII - Transit Coordinator   AFSCME   Transit
OSIII - Utility Billing Technician II   AFSCME   Finance
OSIV   AFSCME   As Assigned
OSIV - Financial Analyst   AFSCME   Finance
Outreach Librarian   AFSCME   Library
Planning Director   Non-Represented   Planning
Police Chief   Non-Represented   Police
Police Detective   CPA   Police
Police Lieutenant   Non-Represented   Police
Police Officer   CPA   Police
Police Officer - Reserve   CPA   Police
Police Sergeant   CPA   Police
Pretreatment Coordinator   AFSCME   Public Works/WWTP
Program Coordinator   AFSCME   Swim Center
Property Evidence Technician   CPA   Police
Public Works Operations Director   Non-Represented   Public Works
Purchasing and Accounting Specialist   AFSCME   Finanace
Senior Planner   AFSCME   Development Services
Transit Director   Non-Represented   Transit

For more information contact:

Amanda Zeiber, SPHR


503-266-0699 FAX

Human Resources Department

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