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March Special Public Swims and Closures

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Class & Lesson Schedules

*On-line registrations will incur a convenience fee.

*If you live inside the City limits, after you start an account, please call the Canby Swim Center at 503-266-2761 and activate in-city rates before registering for classes.

Canby Gators

Canby Gators is available year round;
check out the Canby Gators
website at www.canbygators.com

Schedules in PDF Format:

Lesson Levels Description
Spring Schedule 2019
Spring Schedule 2019 - Español
Spring Lesson Information 2019  
Spring Lesson Information 2019 - Español  
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Swim Passes

Give the Gift of a Swim Pass or Gift Certificate to your favorite child or adult.

In addition to recreational swim times, there are numerous programs such as water exercise classes and adult/senior activities. The pool is also available to rent for parties.
Check the Swim Center Schedule 

Contact Information

Swim Center Staff
David Biskar
Facility Manager david@canby.com
Eric Laitinen
Aquatic Program Manager eric@canby.com
Nathan Templeman
Aquatic Program Coordinator nathan@canby.com
1150 S Ivy Street
PO Box 930
Canby, Oregon 97013
Phone: 503-266-2761
Fax: 503-266-6239

Swim Center Benefits

Ensures a Full and Meaningful Life;
Helps to Manage Stress In One's Life In Today's Busy and Demanding World;
Provides the Framework to Improve a Person's Self Esteem and Positive Self Image;
Helps Balance Lives, Assists Participants to Achieve Their Full Potential and Gain Life Satisfaction; 
Enhances Children's Play Which is Essential to the Human Development Process;
Helps Youth Make Positive Lifestyle Choices and Offers Alternatives to Self Destructive Behavior.
Offers Structured Activities and Programs;
Provides Social Opportunities That Help Reduce Alienation, Loneliness and Antisocial Behavior;
Promotes Ethnic and Cultural Harmony;
Builds Strong Families, the Foundation for a Vital Community;
Provides Opportunities for Community Involvement, and Shared Management and Ownership of Resources;
Ensures the Leisure Services are Accessible to Everyone;
Enriches and Complements Other Services for Youth Through After School and Other Recreational Services;
Promotes a Healthy and Productive Work Force;
Can Motivate and Attract Business Relocation and Expansion in the Community;
Reduces the Level of Vandalism and Criminal Activity and Their Associated High Cost;
Catalyst for Tourism;
Investments in the Environment Through the Provision of Parks and Open Spaces Pay for Themselves By Maintaining Ecological Balance in an Urbanizing Setting;
Enhances Property Values.
Maintains Green Space to Help Filter and Reduce Run Off From Developed Areas;
Helps to Protect Natural/Historical Features of the Natural Landscape;
Provide Habitat For Wildlife and Flora Species;
Can Help to Reduce Travel Time and Offset the Effects of Pollution
  Last update: February 19, 2019

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