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Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee

The Bike & Pedestrian Committee meets the last Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm
in the Willow Creek Conference Room, 222 NE 2nd Avenue, 1st Floor.
Minutes & Agendas
Establishing Ordinance: Chapter 2.64. Amended 11/4/15 Ordinance 1426
Type of Appointment: By City Council upon recommendation of the Committee Chairperson and Council Liason.
Number of Members: 7 members (Effective 11/4/15)
Term Length: 3 years - July 1 to June 30


Duties and powers:

Keeping informed about current trends in bicycle and pedestrian services and administration;
Studying growth and needs in the city and its vicinity for bicycle and pedestrian facilities;
Developing long-range plans for bicycle and pedestrian services and facilities consistent with city priorities;
Investigating sources of funding for bicycle and pedestrian services and facilities;
Recommending policies for the acceptance and use of gifts for bicycle and pedestrian purposes;
Participating in the annual budgetary process of the city as that process pertains to the bicycle and pedestrian facilities and services;
Recommending policies and procedures conducive to efficient and effective operation of the bicycle and pedestrian transportation system;
Reviewing and recommending terms of contracts and working relationships with other public agencies regarding bicycle and pedestrian facilities and services;
Encouraging widespread public support and use of bicycle and pedestrian facilities and services; and
Performing other duties as authorized by the city council.

Advisory Committee Members
Term Ends
Mindy Montecucco June 30, 2017
Liz Belz-Templeman - Chair June 30, 2017
OPEN June 30, 2017
Clifford Ash June 30, 2018
Michael Hemelstrand June 30, 2018
Bruce Parker June 30, 2018
OPEN June 30, 2019
City Council Liaison: Greg Parker
Staff Liaison: Matilda Deas
Agenda for:
Minutes for:
  August 30, 2016
  March 30, 2016


Reminders of Good Bike Riding Habits



Coming directly from the Oregon Bicyclist Manual, here are the 4 basic principles of bicycling:

Maintain control of your bicycle. (be careful of objects on and along the roadside such as debris, rocks, mailboxes, or parked vehicles.)
Ride on the right, with traffic, in a predictable manner.
Be visible and ride alertly.
Protect yourself (Always wear a helmet) All riders under 16 years of age must, by law, wear an approved bicycle helmet when riding on a public way.
Bike/Helmet - Protecting Your Family

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Last update: February 15, 2017